Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts in Every State


People across the U.S. will celebrate their moms this Sunday with flowers, cards or breakfast in bed—and, at least in Alaska, they may add some heartfelt words of poetry too.


“Love poem” was the most uniquely searched Mother’s Day gift in Alaska in recent years, according to a Google analysis of search data by state from 2004 to 2017.


Love was a theme in many of the top-searched gift ideas, including a “forever heart necklace” in Ohio—but food was even bigger, with popular presents including “chocolate strawberries” in Washington, D.C., “chocolate gift baskets” in Mississippi and “edible fruit arrangements” in Oregon. Some states went for the opposite tack, with Mother’s Day shoppers in New Jersey searching for “fitness trackers” and those in North Dakota searching for “healthy cookbooks.”


And then there were some more unusual ones: Connecticut’s top item was a “garden animal statue,” while Pennsylvania’s was “sheepskin pillow” and Wyoming’s was “tea infuser.”


See the most uniquely searched Mother’s Day gift in your state below:


Alabama – Baby shadow box


Alaska – Love poem


Arizona – Bike cruiser


Arkansas – Jewelry


California – Cookies


Colorado – Cappuccino maker


Connecticut – Garden animal statue


Delaware – Edible arrangement


District of Columbia – Chocolate strawberries


Florida – Locket


Georgia – Picture frame


Hawaii – Cake pops


Idaho – Bracelet charm


Illinois – Orchids


Indiana – Roses


Iowa – Necklace


Kansas – Spa gift basket


Kentucky – iPad


Louisiana – Ring


Maine – Lemon bars


Maryland – Candle wall hanging


Massachusetts – Beach gift bag


Michigan – Fresh fruit basket


Minnesota – Bamboo wind chime


Mississippi – Chocolate gift basket


Missouri – Mini Keurig


Montana – Homemade lip balm


Nebraska – Bluetooth speaker


Nevada – Diamond pendant


New Hampshire – Birdfeeder


New Jersey – Fitness tracker


New Mexico – Cheesecake stuffed strawberries


New York – Charm bracelet


North Carolina – 3 picture wallet


North Dakota – Healthy cookbook


Ohio – Forever heart necklace


Oklahoma – Wine rack


Oregon – Edible fruit arrangement


Pennsylvania – Sheepskin pillow


Rhode Island – iPad mini


South Carolina – Michael Kors sandals


South Dakota – Manicures


Tennessee – Custom glass artwork


Texas – Birthstone rings


Utah – Facials


Vermont – Brownie delivery


Virginia – Day spa


Washington – Bamboo plant


West Virginia – Willow tree figurines


Wisconsin – Handmade flowers


Wyoming – Tea infuser


Methodology: Google found the most uniquely searched Mother’s Day gift by state by monitoring searches that included both “Mother’s Day” and “gift” within a short period of time. The data is based on searches in the week leading up to Mother’s Day from 2004 to 2017.

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